Flamebound: Your Hub for innovative Web projects

Flamebound is a network of creative projects including development tools, smart home solutions and social networks.


Your community for all cool things.

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Gaia Ecosystem

Assistant for a sustainable home.

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Navigate the world of containers.

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For the community

Developed for nerds, gamers, developers and creatives, Flamebound offers a wide range of platforms and tools to help shape the digital world.

Flamebound is not just a network of creative projects, but a whole community that is guided by openness and equality and is focused on promoting creativity and fun.

  • Microblog: Share quick updates and thoughts with the community.
  • Discussions: Engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals.
  • Spaces: Create and join groups to connect over shared interests.

Web System

Search engine for games, a platform for sharing projects, and a collection of tools and resources for developers.

A diverse ecosystem

We also offer various public services for the community. Data protection is our top priority.

For example, we operate a privacy-focused search engine that enables secure and anonymous web searches.

Additionally, we offer practical tools for collecting notes and bookmarks, making it easier to organize and retrieve information.

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Simple Development

Supported by proven technologies and with a heart for openness, our tools provide you with the ideal foundation to bring your projects from idea to implementation.

Flamebound Forge

Share your code, collaborate with others, and advance your projects. Our platform supports open software development and promotes collaboration within the community.

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FlameCore offers a comprehensive collection of tools that make building and managing your web projects easier. It is the Swiss Army knife for every web developer.

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The fantastic team

Our team consists of talented and experienced developers, designers, and other dedicated individuals who are passionate about the projects we run.

Christian Neff Project Lead
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Flamebound Cloud

Flamebound Cloud is a cloud computing platform for the community built on top of open source technologies. Easily deploy, manage, and scale your websites and web apps with Flamebound Cloud.

Building tools

We provide a wide range of tools and services for building and deploying web applications.

Information Gathering

We provide a suite of tools to help our members collect and organize valuable information from the web.

Generative AI

We offer a wide range of APIs to support the development of AI-based applications and services for our members.

Do you like our work?

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